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Client Focus – Mick Extance Off-Road Motorcycle Experience

In this action-packed edition of Client Focus, we welcome Adam & Mick Extance, owners of Mick Extance Off-Road Motorcycle Experience, one of the biggest off-road schools in the UK. Their training centre is set in the heart of the Berwyn Mountains in 1500 acres of private woodland.

Find out how business savvy and passion came together to help this father and son team turn their dream into reality.

KC Accountancy Services has been working with Mick & Adam from M A Extance Ltd. since 2017. When they first contacted us, they were going through a transition period. Adam was taking on more responsibility from his Dad, Mick, managing the day to day running of the business.

At the time they were also on the cusp of making large investments into the business. After many years of running their business from home with a remote office in Derby, they were about to move into a dedicated commercial building and become employers.

Kim recalls the worry both Adam and Mick were feeling regarding the responsibility of their employees and affording and maintaining a building. By supporting them, working closely together and offering financial forecasting, it has allowed this successful team to feel confident about their decision-making and see the impact this has on their finances and overall business performance.

Welcome Adam and Mick! In three words, can you describe your life as business owners?

Passionate, dedicated and very busy!

As entrepreneurs, what is it that motivates and drives you?

Giving our customers the best day out is the main motivation. Seeing people leave with a huge smile after a day’s riding makes it all worth-while and gives us the drive to always provide the best experience we can.

You’ve been trading now for about 12 years, what has been your biggest success and what have you found most challenging?

Our biggest success is turning a hobby into something that we love and that has grown into the success that it is today. Like most things, if you want to succeed you have to dedicate everything to it, so the most challenging part is making time for other things along the way.

We began working with you back in 2017. What was it about KC Accountancy Services that stood out from other accountants?      

We have been friends for a long time, Kim has brought a lot of structure and support to our company she genuinely cares about the success of the company and that makes a huge difference

Why do you think it is important to work with an accountant, how has your relationship with KC Accountancy Services benefitted your business?

It is one of the biggest parts of running a business. To know the company figures and statistics is what enables growth or cuts. Without understanding that, it’s hard to progress and that is the most valuable thing KC Accountancy helped us with.

Can you tell us what advice you might give other entrepreneurs who are starting out?  

Understand the business you are wanting to do, and have a passion for it.

Finally, what are your future plans and how you see KC Accountancy Services supporting you to achieve your goals?               

Our plans are to provide one of the best experience days in the UK, we work close with KC accountancy to make sure everything is structured and running smooth.

Thank you Adam and Mick!


TEL: 01332 347592





A few words from Kim…

“Adam and Mick are very passionate about their business, over the time we have worked together Adam has shown a keen interest in the financial figures, what they mean and the implications of them in the annual accounts. I have spent a lot of time going through our accounting practices with Adam, showing our workings and how we have calculated the figures. I believe firmly in encouraging business owners to be heavily involved in the preparation of annual accounts and to have a good understanding of the figures and how they are calculated. This knowledge allows clients to understand the impact of business decisions on the profit margin and ultimately the tax bill!

As a practice, I want to offer a completely honest and transparent service, where clients feel comfortable to question our work to gain a better understanding of their business. Our role is not to just prepare a set of annual accounts, we are there to use those accounts to help you make the best possible decisions for you and your business, to encourage more involvement from you in their preparation and imparting knowledge regarding accounting adjustments and policies. After all, like they say, knowledge is power!

Our close working relationship has continued with Adam and Mick. Prior to making any kind of change or investment in the business, they will contact us to assist and support them with a final decision. We want all our clients to succeed and prosper as much as they do.

There are some exciting times ahead for M A Extance Ltd and we wish them every success, with continued support in the background!”

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