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Client Focus – The Beauty Lounge and Toni & Guy, Oswestry

This edition meet business franchisee and entrepreneur Becky who runs Toni and Guy hairdressing salon and The Beauty Lounge in the Shropshire market town of Oswestry.  She tells us about her journey into hairdressing, expanding into a second beauty business eight years ago and how she has remained positive through the pandemic.

Becky has been a regional franchisee for Toni and Guy for the last 9 years. A year later, she opened The Beauty Lounge, a second business which she now runs alongside her hairdressing salon. We discover some of her successes and challenges and how working with KC Accountancy Services has enabled her to remain positive and plan for re-opening following the Lockdown.

Hi Becky! Please can you tell us what first inspired you to enter the hairdressing industry?

I’m a creative person and I love the fact of being able to change someone’s look and how they feel about themselves in an instant. Giving them confidence and helping them to feel good about themselves is amazing and so rewarding.  Also, hairdressing to me is about making personal connections with your clients, helping them through life’s trials and celebrating life’s achievements.

If you had to describe your life to your clients in three words, what would they be?

Busy, happy, love

What has been your biggest success?

My biggest success has probably been winning Salon Retailer of the Year down in London. That was an amazing experience hearing them call out our regional Toni and Guy here in Oswestry amongst all the big city salons. There have been lots of memorable experiences in the salon that I’m proud of. I have an amazing, hard-working team and the biggest success really is watching them grow and developing their careers.

And is there anything that you have found challenging?

The most challenging time has definitely been with the whole COVID situation and having to deal with that, especially in the first lockdown. It was very stressful and worrying like it has been for everyone, but it’s definitely shown me how resilient and adaptable we all are.

At what point did it feel right to expand into the beauty business?

I had a lot of clients going elsewhere for their beauty treatment and I just thought why not bring everything under one roof to make it easier for them? Rather than them having to rush to another appointment, they can sit and relax and have it all done here.

How has working with KC Accountancy Services benefitted your business?

It so important to have an accountant that is honest, trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable. You need be able to bounce your ideas off someone and for them to reign you in if needed or give you the push when maybe you’re not feeling at your most confident. Having someone there to reassure you that what you’re doing is correct and to help you develop and grow your business further in the right direction and that is exactly what I get from KC Accountancy Services.

What are your future plans and how do you see KC Accountancy Services supporting you to achieve your goals?

I have some big changes and plans coming up in the next 12 months and KC Accountancy Services will be guiding me through it all!

Thank you Becky!

The Beauty Lounge and Toni & Guy, Oswestry

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A few words from Kim…

“I have known Becky for many years on a personal level and I was honoured when she approached me to assist with her new business venture of The Beauty Lounge, 8 years ago. The business has seen many changes since it was first launched, with changes to the structure and services developing and modifying over time.

Recently, we have also taken on the responsibility of producing the statutory accounts for Toni & Guy, Oswestry and have found this to be very beneficial when advising Becky regarding her personal tax situation.

Becky is very determined and ambitious, but with 2 businesses running alongside each other she is also very busy! Aside from ensuring she remains compliant with her responsibilities to HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, we have also worked closely with her and the businesses to offer more day-to-day tasks like operating the monthly payroll and auto-enrolment pension scheme, bookkeeping and even some HR work. We firmly believe an accountant isn’t just for year end accounts, we can be involved and assist in so many other ways.

Covid-19 saw both The Beauty Lounge and Toni & Guy be severely affected, as with all personal services they were forced to close for long periods of time with so much uncertainty of their future. During this time, we assisted with securing funding through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and local authority funding.  In what was the most stressful point in business for Becky, she remained focused and positive, planning for the re-opening and making plans for the future.

Both businesses have bounced back from the pandemic and although slowly at first, they are now busy and thriving – I’d like to hope our support and assistance in gaining much needed funding during the lockdowns and enforced closures has played a part in the business still operating today.”

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